ACTIVE CONSULT – Accounting & Tax

Accounting & Tax Consulting, Staff Leasing , Business Solutions


ACTIVE CONSULT LTD offers precise accounting servicing which is needed by each company aimed at its having successful and prospering business. Our clients receive immaculate accounting documentation, competent advice and individual care, which make them calm about their financial status and the taxes due.

Sevices: Overall of accounting services for Bulgarian and foreign companies, Value added tax, Tax protection and consultation, Payroll, Labor agreements, Social security and Health insurance, Legal registration representation of subsidiary companies, Independent audit, Business plans, Budgets, Management of Projects for Utilization of Means from the structural funds of the European Union.


АКТИВ КОНСУЛТ ООД предлага прецизно счетоводно обслужване от което всяка фирма се нуждае, за да има проспериращ бизнес. Клиентите ни получават изрядна счетоводна документация, компетентни съвети , което ги прави спокойни за финансовото им състояние и дължимите данъци.

Предлагани услуги: Финансови консултации; Счетоводно обслужване; Одит; Услуги свързани с Данъци, Осигуровки, Декларации, Заплати, Персонал; Юридически услуги; Консултации за  банкови кредити.


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